NetScaler SD-WAN

Branch Networking and WAN

Integrated branch networking with SD-WAN technology

The traditional WAN was not designed to tackle today’s application traffic. Our software-defined WAN solution, NetScaler SD-WAN, offers a more scalable, reliable, and cloud-ready approach. Combining the intelligence of SD-WAN technology, WAN optimization, routing and application management into one comprehensive solution, NetScaler SD-WAN ensures the user experience at the branch and mobile level are just as rich and seamless as at headquarters. And because NetScaler SD-WAN reduces your bandwidth requirements and simplifies branch networking, it’s cost-effective too.

Why Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN

Businesses rely on branch offices or remote employees to serve customers, to be near partners and suppliers and to expand into new markets. As desktop virtualization increases and applications move to the cloud, IT managers face the challenge of providing applications reliably and without a performance penalty to branch and mobile users. Now enterprises can use Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN to software define their WAN, rendering it more scalable, cost-effective and ready to connect to the cloud, while ensuring excellent application performance. Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN can help you effectively and economically increase WAN throughput while accelerating enterprise applications and ensuring the performance of virtual desktops.

  • Maintain high performance for mission critical applications even when a network link fails
  • Improve the virtual desktop experience to branch-office and mobile users and accelerate traditional enterprise applications
  • Expand WAN capacity with low-cost broadband connections, while maintaining MPLS-level quality and reliability
  • Support cloud migration with integrated security to protect enterprise data
  • Simplify IT with integrated routing and WAN Optimization to reduce network footprint
  • Secure data across the WAN and to the cloud with strong encryption, application-level security policies and data segmentation
  • Gain visibility into application delivery in order to proactively manage the user experience

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