29 Apr

Citrix’s first Field Kick- off seminar in March this 2022, where they announced that their focus for 2022 is on client success and emphasized two major improvements to their solutions.

Citrix DaaS – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure repackaged

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is defined as solutions that are subscription services that operate from multi-tenant servers, with many clients sharing resources.  These services use a backend, based on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Each desktop is contained in a virtual machine that streams to an end-user device. 

DaaS and VDI solutions are both hosted virtual desktop, however, whereas DaaS is a managed infrastructure service primarily served and hosted via a Cloud provider, VDI is managed by a company itself or a hybrid facility. 

Citrix, to offer clients the best possible Desktop solution, has packaged a comprehensive DaaS solution which includes all the cost benefits of a managed DaaS solution including the agility, security, and end user productivity. The package does include the option for Citrix to manage the infrastructure from either the cloud or datacenter. 

Included are advance security protocols including Citrix Zero Trust management software, a complete set of actionable analytics, Multi – Cloud Hybrid partners and on-premises resources.  In addition, the package is complete with a full set of management tools simplifying the management of the solution, such as Single Sign On, and optimization technologies for unified communications. 

Citrix Doubles Down on DaaS

Citrix ADC Pooled Capacity – Economic, flexible, and simplified licensing solution 

Citrix ADC pooled capacity is a shared licensing framework designed to offer flexibility to move capacity as and when needed.  Licenses are no longer tied to a specific physical or virtual ADC thus allowing for capacity to be used on demand and once the task has been completed the licenses are then returned to the pool. 

Pooled capacity does offer massive benefits as it allows for clients to purchase licenses for a percentage of the workforce therefore no wastage of unused resources.  It offers flexibility in allowing capacity to be shared with all ADCs for Hybrid and Multi Cloud environments. Finally, it allows for On-Premises ADC licenses to transition to the cloud as and when required.

Citrix Pooled Capacity