20 Jun

Content Collaboration (CC) is a solution that allows workflow and information readily available to those individuals that need to have access to the information. The idea is to encourage employees to be able to work as a team for a common goal. However, it is suggested that the following security protocols will need to be implemented to safeguard the data. 

  • Security features must meet CCP requirements, in other words, does the Certified Computing Professional have the necessary permissions to access the required information
  • Included in the data native CCP security solution the additional criteria will need to be included:
    • CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker, for example implementing a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) agent authenticating ALL users gaining access to the information.
    • DAG - Database Administrator Guide
    • DLP – for the purposes of the discussion both Data Lost Protection and Data Leak Prevention need to be implemented.
    • Highly sensitive files may need additional encryption
    • EDRM - Electronic Data Reference Model - highly detailed reference model that is used as a standard for the discovery and recovery of digital data.
    • A back up strategy will need to be included in the event of data loss through hacking and / or employee actions.

OAS working in conjunction with Citrix Content Collaboration (CCC) for enterprise (ECC) and small to medium size organizations offers world leading Content Collaboration solutions. In addition, combing CCC and ECC with Share File the benefits to any organization, particularly in the current “work from anywhere” environment, are worth the investment. 

Content can be stored in a range of Cloud or Hybrid locations often requiring complex accessibility. However, the Citrix solutions offer ease of access to multiple repositories, including a secure Signal Sign On, allowing for users ease of access to applications and information without hindering workflow experience. 

Built into CCC /ECC the solutions allow for increased storage as when required without interfering with the workflow processes. 

With both Cloud or Hybrid solutions OAS will always recommend using ZTNA security protocol, this will ensure all users accessing any information is treated as a potential threat and OAS’s motto for security goes - Authenticate, Authenticate, Authenticate. 

 Finally combining CCC/ECC with Share File further enhances productivity and user experience: 

  • Automate and Digitize Workflows: allowing for the use of any device to create and store information in a secure, yet easily accessible storage repository.

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Content Collaboration (CC) combined with Share File

Combining CC and Share File can further increase employee productivity and their overall experience. 

Share File enables collaboration on any device, from any location, without the need for IT oversight.

 Allows employees to access all data sources from a single, central location – no matter which device or network they are using. This includes repositories such as OneDrive for Business, SharePoint, Google Drive, or Dropbox. 

Flexibility of storage: the solutions no longer require data storage to be “locked” or additional logins, which in turn can cause users to use their own private Cloud storage, thus increasing security risks. 

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