14 Dec

If an organization host multiple instances of it's application on multiple clouds, how can the IT Dept. ensure that each one is handling the ideal amount of traffic? 

How to avoid directing too much traffic to one cloud while the other cloud sits idle? 

How to know when its is required to add or remove an instance? 

These are important questions. 

If balance loads are not deployed  properly across a multi-cloud architecture, can cause performance problems and waste money – which is exactly the opposite of what a multi-cloud architecture is supposed to provide.

Fortunately, these questions, albeit difficult to answer in a multi-cloud environment, can be avoided. 

For example OAS has solved these issue by deploying the Citrix ADC solution, thus deploying a multi cloud load balancing solutions that will work with other providers’ clouds. In addition by including a full suite of analytics, environments are carefully monitored on a 24/7 basis and can alert IT technicians of issues timeously, thus limiting network instances.