Open Architecture Systems is a Multi - Disciplinary, Digital Transformation and Application Deployment consultancy. OAS' strategy and transformation consulting services are designed to support senior executives to leverage digital technologies that enable the innovation of the entire business or elements of the business and operating models.

OAS services are highly specialized and offer a wealth of experience assisting both Enterprise and Mid-Market level organizations in aligning their IT Infrastructure to meet strategic business objectives.

OAS is a Citrix Platinum Partner, Microsoft Partner, Nutanix solution provider, iboss security specialist and VMWARE provider, offering organizations the best possible architecture solutions in application delivery, cloud migration, virtualization and application deployment designed to meet any organization's specific business requirements.

OAS partners with companies through its Managed IT Services, providing 24/7 IT support and strategic technology guidance to businesses that require focus on application delivery or assistance to shift from legacy versions.

Whether it is reducing capital expenditure and or IT support burden, engaging with OAS will help your company to focus on their core competencies, while maintaining the IT environment optimized, updated with the latest innovative technologies to meet the demands of the digital age.

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ACRONYM OF THE WEEK - DCE: DATA CIRCUIT - TERMINATING EQUIPMENT DCE is a device that sits between the data terminal equipment (DTE) and a data transmission circuit. It is also called data communication(s) equipment and data carrier equipment. Usually, the DTE device is the terminal (or computer), and the DCE is a modem.

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