Open Architecture Systems is a full fledge Virtualization, Networking and Application deployment consultancy and offers a comprehensive range of professional services. The main strategy behind OAS services is to design, develop, implement, and manage any sized enterprise’s digital transformation process.
The bouquet of solutions at our disposal, the decades of experience and our highly qualified and experienced members we can offer the following professional services:

Transitioning to the Cloud

OAS will adopt the process and technology to effectively plan, build, run and manage any cloud environment, whether it’s Hybrid, Public / Private Cloud or Multi Cloud environments tailored to meeting the organization’s specific requirements.

  • Design, deploy, integrate, and configure the environment
  • Automate IT service delivery
  • Implement cloud operations and management capabilities
Networking services

Design, deploy and integrate a virtual network environment which includes full virtualization, application deployment, and implement network operation and management capabilities.


  • Design, deploy and configure a threat detection, prevention and response solutions based on Zero Trust Access protocols
  • Include security reporting and operations systems and procedures and workflows
  • Optimize an existing system and accelerate adoption
Workspace anywhere, from any device

  • Plan, design, build and integrate Workspace Solutions in a secure manner, at scale and are user centric
  • Enhance efficiencies with the latest monitoring and analytics solutions to ensure and improve user experience
  • Optimize existing systems


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