26 Apr

Migration to the Cloud, the rise in mobile and smart device usage and network perimeters becoming edgeless are opening more points of vulnerability, giving attackers an increasing number of access points. In addition, with the increase in demand for fast open access to applications and corporate data by employees, working remotely using BYOD the threat to networks is at an all-time high. 

Cyber security has become a primary focus as more and more companies are getting hacked causing massive disruption to production and costing organizations millions in damages. Therefore, Cyber security and threats to networks is very real and needs to be taken seriously.

 However, the hype is the security solutions that are on offer. There are many organizations claiming to be able to offer the latest and most secure solutions. They employ aggressive selling techniques, offering highly discounted pricing policies, but the solutions, in most cases, turn out to be at best, a very basic system or systems that do not cover all aspects of a network, which can leave networks more vulnerable if implemented. 

Skill shortages is one of the major factors of inadequate security solutions. Companies offering solutions are becoming more and more dependent on machine learning or AI, however the problem is that skilled technicians are still required to implement parameters for the AI to operate. In a recent survey over one third of cyber security positions will remain unfilled.  One other important factor to be considered is that there over 2000 vendors in South Africa alone all offering solutions. Not only is this damaging to the industry but complicating the context in which to plan a cost effective and secure policy.

Open Architecture Systems takes a VPN-less, zero-trust security and a full secure access service edge (SASE) solution. This approach to cyber security using end-to-end zero trust, allows users to access both SaaS and internal web apps remotely without needing to access the entire network. 

This zero-trust approach in conjunction with a full cloud-delivered security stack allows organizations to use a combination of contexts—such as identity, time, and device posture—to grant access based on where and how apps are used.

Citrix Solutions 

Citrix Secure Workspace Access: Zero trust approach to securely access corporate web, SaaS, and virtual applications. 

Citrix Secure Internet Access: Enabling users to access applications using direct internet access (DIA) without compromising on performance. 

Citrix ADC: Protect applications and APIs everywhere. 

Endpoint management (UEM) technology:   The power to manage every app, device, and platform in one central location. 

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