Citrix and Nutanix

Running Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops on Nutanix results in true hybrid and multi cloud digital workspace solutions with seamless access to apps, virtual desktops, and protected data—from any cloud, on any device, in any location, at any scale.Benefits include:
  • Inherently hybrid and multi cloud: Move Citrix deployments to the cloud on your terms, at your speed.
  • •Enhanced security: Prevent data theft and loss from ransomware and malware; adhere to regulatory, compliance, and data privacy requirements.
  • •Simplified operations: Provide consistent access to apps and data; support more end-users without increasing complexity. 
  • Faster deployments: Standardize the end-user environment, streamline deployments, and provide flexibility and scalability regardless of location.
  • •Consistent end-user experience at scale: Start small and grow with predictable performance and costs.

Enable Hybrid and Multi-Cloud deployment.

  • Enterprises often struggle to meet the needs of a distributed workforce using legacy infrastructure running on premises. Perhaps this is why 45% of EUC solutions are already hybrid cloud.
  • •While leveraging cloud resources can improve your operations, you may be unclear how to get there. Combining Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops with Nutanix infrastructure solutions enables you to support distributed workforce needs—using the same capabilities in your datacenters and the cloud. You can quickly and efficiently move Citrix workloads to the cloud without refactoring applications, changing security policies, or making other operational changes.
  • •Many organizations begin by moving the Citrix control plane to the cloud and then move or add desktops to address specific needs—such as supporting end-users far from a datacenter with desktops in a cloud in their region.
  • •With so many Citrix users, the software has become mission critical. Nutanix makes it simple to protect the availability of your Citrix environment with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Add protection for end-user environments in minutes with easy recovery in the cloud.

End User Computing

Thousands of Customers 
Are running Citrix DaaS on Nutanix

Simplify complexity 
90% faster time to deployment, enhancing business agility and competitiveness.

Provide Excellent End User Experience 
Wherever you choose to deploy

Enable Friction-Free EUC
Designed for how we work now.
  • Significant uncertainty remains regarding the future, requiring maximum flexibility and fast adaptation. Some users may return to the office full- or part-time while others remain remote. Non-standard and insecure end points slow down deployments and detract from the end-user experience.
  • In a recent survey, 62% of organizations said that standardized EUC environments decrease deployment time. With Nutanix and Citrix, you can transition to a completely remote workforce in hours vs. days, adding thousands of desktops in a few hours. Standardized, secure environments scale quickly and deliver greater flexibility, increasing end-user satisfaction.