Optimize workload deployment and enhance user experience with Citrix DaaS for Azure.

Benefits of Citrix DaaS for Azure:

From hybrid cloud support to security analytics, Citrix provides a wide range of features to build on the capabilities of the Azure Virtual Desktop platform.

Hybrid multi - cloud support.
Manage on premises and public cloud resources, side by side, from a central console with the full support of Windows 10 or 11 Enterprise multi sessions remote desktops.

Citrix HDX technology.
Require High-Definition virtualization experience (particularly in the medical field)?
Citrix HDX technology - Citrix DaaS can deliver a high-definition virtualized experience, which is not available Azure VD. However, HDX can deliver using Azure Cloud services Citrix HDX will offer Microsoft virtual desktop users a superior performance, while supporting a broad array of peripherals.

Provisioning and app layering tools.
Citrix’s Machine Creation Services (MCS) streamlines Azure VMs, provision hundreds of thousands of machines which includes updates and rollbacks. In addition, using Citrix Provisioning Services delivers patches, updates, and other configurations to multiple virtual desktops through a shared desktop image.

Zero Trust Security.
Citrix DaaS offers best in class security protocols without compromising user experience. Using Citrix HDX technology not only does the system improve performance, such as Microsoft Teams, the ZTNS solution offers complete security for the network.

Easy environment provisioning on Azure.
Moving from a legacy architecture to a centralized solution Citrix DaaS and Microsoft Azure allows for real time access to apps and information from any device from anywhere securely, and enhanced user experience.

Furthermore, the solution offers mirroring of On Premises databases furthering the ease of access and incorporating NetScaler, secures the delivery of apps, desktops, and shared documents using granular, role-based policies based on users’ Active Directory profiles.