NetScaler (ADC) as a Service enhancing Azure Virtual Desktops. 


Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) are designed for smaller organizations at a relatively low cost and offers basic Virtual Desktop functionality. In recognizing that Azure is the foremost enterprise cloud platform the need for a more advanced application delivery solution is required for Microsoft to better serve large organization, Azure and Citrix NetScaler have joined focuses to meet the demand.

Citrix NetScaler and AVD

OAS cannot emphasize the importance and how integral NetScaler is for any architecture, whether a VPN, On-Premises or any Cloud combination. In fact, the NetScaler has proven its worth over the years and Microsoft Azure has now employed the NetScaler as Azure’s primary Application Controller to enhance the delivery and end user experience for AVD.

In combining AVD with NetScaler and Citrix DaaS, the solution now offers clients significant added value to the architecture. In addition, the entire process has shifted from the traditional NetScaler to NetScaler as a service which is based on INTENT.

This is important as the solution is:

  • Always learning - such as application delivery, user behavior and cyber threats. 
  • Always adapting - continuously self-healing and optimization.
  • Always protecting by automatically updating security protocols based on the previous features.

The benefits to enterprises are huge which include self-healing for application delivery derogation, balance data center demand and directs users to the best site /server, based on user requirements. In addition, NetScaler is easy to configure and offers the best security available.

Citrix is the only solution available that allows enterprises to combine Azure based virtual apps and desktops with resources on-premises as well as other public clouds (hence the ease of multi cloud development).

Microsoft alone is wholly dependent on connectivity, whereas combined with NetScaler, users can continually work as the service continuity keeps local recourses available to on-site employees and remote workers stay connected to virtual apps.

In addition, if the identity provider experiences downtime, NetScaler cached authentication tokens kick in.

It is important to note that, as an existing Citrix customer, the solution allows ease of transition to Azure cloud and offers costs savings as the architecture does not need to be reconfigured to include AVD.

Troubleshooting with AVD alone can be cumbersome and require multiple steps. Whereas Citrix has streamlined troubleshooting by not only directing IT technicians directly to the root of the problem but, if the organization opts to include Citrix Analytics for Performance in the mix, the IT department will be notified before the user realizes there is a problem.

Security and Data loss prevention - Microsoft requires third party point solution for robust protection. NetScaler and DaaS offer a full bouquet of built-in security protocols and data protection functionality, which are part of the entire package.

Finally, one of the biggest benefits is that Microsoft Azure costs can be complicated and can increase drastically when more resources are consumed. However, Citrix features over and above the NetScaler added value, range from increasing user density, ensuring fast disk storage which allows fewer Azure resources are consumed proving to extremely economical to deploy.