What is Nutanix Cloud Cluster NC2?

Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) delivers a hybrid multi-cloud platform with the flexibility, simplicity, and cost efficiency needed to run applications in private or public clouds, operated as a true single cloud. NC2 runs the core Nutanix HCI stack (including Nutanix AOS, AHV and Prism), along with other Nutanix products and services, on bare metal instances in public clouds allowing customers to easily migrate or extend applications from on-premises to public cloud providers.

What Cloud does NC2 support?

NC2 is currently Generally Available on AWS (Commercial and GovCloud regions) and Microsoft Azure.

What differences NC2 from hybrid cloud solutions?

NC2 is different because it’s the same. NC2 uses the same data and management planes on-premises and in multiple clouds. With one management console for all locations, the operational complexity of migrating, extending, or bursting applications and data is dramatically reduced.

Additional differentiated benefits include:

  • Licenses are portable across clouds, so no new licenses are required if migrating VMs, application, or data.
  • NC2 can be deployed in just a few hours, greatly accelerating burst or migration use cases.
  • NC2 is not a managed service. Customers control when, where, and how to deploy or repatriate.

Do I need Nutanix infrastructure on premises to use NC2?

NC2 is designed to be stand-alone without needing any other further investments from Nutanix. If you want to connect your on-premises and your cloud environments, it is fully supported and easy to do.

What is the consumption model for NC2?

Customers pay Nutanix for Nutanix software and pay Amazon or Microsoft for cloud resources consumed.

Nutanix software on Clusters can be consumed in the following ways:

  • BYO Licenses - Bring your own term-based licenses that you currently own or are purchasing. This allows customers to port their on premises licenses to NC2. Note, AOS License must be Pro or Ultimate; AOS Starter cannot be used with NC2
  • PAYG - Pay as you go per hour on cores/hr and SSD/hr.
  • Cloud Commit - Term based minimum commit with overages.