Citrix for financial services

The financial industry has taken major strides in transforming their environments in meeting the demand for secure access form anywhere, any device using any network, easy access to information, meeting compliance regulations and streaming their entire infrastructure and reducing costs. 

Using Citrix solutions has proven to be highly effective in meeting the industry's requirements and is used by most of the major blue-chip banks and financial institutions worldwide.

To remain competitive in an extremely fast paced and rapidly changing consumer demands and user experience, the financial industry, firms can both modernize infrastructure and leverage legacy infrastructure in a more flexible way, delivering the evolving experiences demanded by both customers and employees.

OAS has been assisting with the transformation and cloud migration for some of SA's top financial institutions, utilizing Citrix core solutions:

Increase business agility

VDI delivery and Desktops‑as‑a‑Service (DaaS) help provision and manage employee resources in any location more easily, adapt readily to changing needs, and simplify IT operations.

Citrix Cloud services provide a fast, flexible deployment model for applications and services to accelerate innovation while reducing cost.

• Facilitates the shift from legacy on‑premises systems to cloud environments, SaaS, and VDI

• Streamlines rollout of new products and better user experiences

• Incorporates cloud resources to match organizational strategy and requirements

• Adapts and scales easily to meet changing business needs while keeping IT management simple and cost‑efficient

• Accelerates the value of M&A, new locations, and branch consolidation by allowing IT to deliver applications and data anywhere, on any device, without the need to integrate legacy systems

Reduce risk, boosting resiliency and efficiency

Citrix have developed solutions which improves data protection, enable rapid recovery from security incidents for better business continuity.

As remote and hybrid work moves beyond the firewall, Citrix security solutions – Zero Trust Network Access - restricts unauthorized access and potential threats from both internal and external users.

The Citrix NetScaler, which is placed outside the firewall, adds an additional layer of security but also optimises the network by load balancing data centre usage, encrypting data in-motion, restricting data sharing, and facilitates Single Sign On for greater user performance.

Citrix analytics delivers better security and compliance, deliver actionable insights and deflect potential threats in real time. In addition, Citrix helps strengthen data protection to enable rapid recovery from security incidents, enforce compliance mandates, and reduce a firm’s audit footprint design for better business continuity.

In summary the three pillars of Citrix solutions for the financial industry are:

Citrix Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Securely deliver virtualized legacy apps, SaaS,
and full Windows‑based virtual desktops 
from the cloud to any device. 
Citrix DaaS is ideal for supporting remote 
and hybrid teams, streamlining 
IT management, and increasing scalability
and flexibility.
Citrix Secure Private Access (SPA)

Leverage a unified stack of cloud‑delivered
services to provide a productive hybrid work environment with zero‑trust security
for employees working anywhere on any device.
Protect BYOD devices and safeguard applications from unauthorized access, browser‑based attacks, and more.
Citrix Analytics 

Get real‑time insights via simple, cloud‑based dashboards to optimize performance across the
entire Citrix environment.
Monitor network activity and block threats without compromising the user experience, and isolate and solve performance problems before they become an issue for users.