• Nutanix Products

    Nutanix Acropolis Operating System (AOS) – is designed to cater for data protection, space efficiency, scalability, automated data tiering and security and AOS includes a built in Hypervisor – namely Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV).

    Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) streamlines legacy and extend cloud native apps using the built in Hyper Visor design specifically for Hybrid Cloud.

    AHV offer all components for Hybrid Cloud migration:

    • Single control plane across on-premises, edge and the cloud, allowing for scaling up or down as required, move workloads with minimal risk and bi-directional portability.
    • Nutanix supports a range of enterprise K8S providers including Kubernetes Engine (NKE).
    • Easy deployment of Kubernetes Clusters at scale, Kubernetes storage, monitoring, logging, and alerting.
    • Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2) for Azure and AWS – easy migration of on premises applications and workloads, without the need for refactor or re architect applications to Azure and AWS.

    Fully integrated security:

    One Click machine – readable security guides (STIGs) including self-healing and automated security configuration compliance.

    Micro segmentation - Flow Network security including stateful firewalls within granular micro segmentation of the network security.

    Secure Development Lifecycle (SecDL) which takes an in defense -in-depth approach to every piece of code ensuring complete architecture security.

    The above is a brief introduction to Nutanix, however the below infographic details an overall view of the Nutanix solution.

Nutanix primary aim is to unify public cloud simplicity and agility with private cloud performance and security. Whether on-premises or hybrid, ensuring business continuity through centralized management, one-click operations, and AI-driven automation.