Pain point – Delivering a secure and comprehensive workspace experience from any cloud and /or datacenter to any device in any location and the management of the infrastructure and security.

Solution Citrix DaaS.

Why Citrix DaaS?

Citrix DaaS is the industry leader in desktop delivery and deployment and VDI. The unique feature of Citrix DaaS are:

  • Hybrid DaaS – maximize datacenter investment.
  • Includes a comprehensive full security stack.
  • Can be delivered from any cloud provider.
  • Delivers High-Definition CAD, 3D and complete graphic services including optimized targeted Voice, video, and communications.

Five primary reasons for Citrix DaaS and DaaS management:

Simplify management

Citrix DaaS simplifies management via a single centralized consul which does not need specialized skills, sever set ups, and can easily manage patches and upgrades.


DaaS is designed to scale up as and when required, allowing for the organization to make full use of the data center investments alongside cloud workloads. In addition, OAS can manage and maintain the entire process thus removing a major pain point for the IT team.


DaaS comes with a full security stack (CSIA), which includes session recordings and watermarking and, allows for Lock Down based on device posture, location, and other risks. In addition, DaaS does offer a complete user behavior suite of analytics, which can immediately alert IT when anomalies occur and can react in real time.

On boarding new users and temporary contractors

DaaS is designed that when the company staff compliment grows or new contractors need access to the network, DaaS solution offers immediate support for the on boarding of the new users easily and at scale.

Flexibility and support peaks in cloud demand

Hybrid working can cause high demand from the infrastructure as disruptions such as Load Shedding or natural disasters forcing more users to work from home. The DaaS pay-as-you-go model allows for the organization to burst into the cloud to scale up to meet the peaks in demand and scale down when the demand has normalized.

Citrix DaaS goes beyond VDI and offers more flexibility by providing DaaS capabilities. You can provision desktops in hybrid or any public cloud infrastructure, giving you more agility and ease of management—and freeing your IT team to focus on what matters.

Universal Licensing

Deploy workloads on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment with a single license.

Citrix recently became part of the Cloud Software Group and identified areas that are business priorities and look at ways to improve the product offering.

The primary focus is on Application and desktop delivery prioritizing customer experience in the following key areas:

  • The above led Citrix to realize that the demand is for Hybrid Flexibility and Client choice i.e., the ability for customers to deploy applications and desktops in any hybrid platform configuration – indefinitely.
  • Ultimately the Citrix concluded that the Hybrid Mode is ultimate goal of most of their clients, however costs needed to be curtailed in order to meet client Capex and expectations. Therefore, in order to meet the client requirements Citrix recently introduced the Universal Subscription model.

The benefits of the Universal Lisencing Model are twofold:

  • The flexibility to choose to use and manage the Citrix infrastructure on-premises, deploy to a public cloud provider of the organizational choice, and / or leverage the deployment of the Citrix services control plane in any combination.
  • Flexibility of choice to host Desktop workloads and applications on premise and / or in the cloud.

Infographic showcasing the different management and deployment offered by the Citrix Universal Subscription model.

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