03 Mar

Citrix infrastructure can be extremely complicated and requires specialized technical expertise, thus putting IT departments under pressure to keep the networks running effectively, optimizing Citrix solutions and maintaining a high level of security. All while keeping the architecture within budget whilst reducing costs. 

However, to get a full understanding that your Citrix solutions are meeting the above standards and fulfilling the overall business objectives it is necessary for regular Infrastructure audits to be implemented. There are a host of reason as to why a health check needs to be conducted, for example: 

  1. If your Citrix server farm was implemented more than a year ago a health check is crucial for infrastructure optimization. 
  2. Check compliance with Citrix significant policies. 
  3. Constant troubleshooting required, for example sluggish infrastructure responses, user login issues and more – a health check is required to highlight problem areas. 
  4. Reliability and integrity of information Safeguarding of assets.

Open Architecture Systems is a Citrix Platinum Plus partner and has had decades of experience in implementing Citrix solutions. Our team of certified and highly experience engineers will conduct a health check which will include:

  1. A full Infrastructure background check, both hardware and software. 
  2. Highlight areas of concern, such as latency, software, versioning, patching requirements, incompatible products within the infrastructure and possible recommendations for upgrades and improvements.
  3. Licensing optimization, streamline storage, and bandwidth usage. 
  4. Reduce wastage and duplication. 

Produce a full technical report on the audit. To get a full technical audit /health check - request a call back - Click Here

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