02 May

Trust the power of Citrix DaaS and Microsoft to enable your financial services workforce to innovate faster

Customer demand patterns have changed significantly over the recent past. Adoption of digital and contactless payments; buy now, pay later arrangements; lending and insurance; online brokerage, robo-investing, and digital wealth management all grew. 

In fact, U.S. banks will spend $85.54 billion on technology, up 10.6 percent from the year before. At the same time, banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) firms are transforming their user experiences and spending more to fuel innovation across both the customer and colleague experience.

Leaders realized that by providing digital workspaces, intuitive processes, and great collaboration tools, they could free teams to deliver exceptional customer service. Leadership teams redesigned their strategy, operating model, and processes to make them more agile and adaptive to changing market dynamics. 

Some 86 percent of global banks have adopted cloud services to gain greater flexibility and scalability,2 speed innovation, and protect data and systems from risks and threats. 

Citrix DaaS and Microsoft enable financial services firms to optimize the user experience

Citrix and Microsoft are better together, enabling financial services organizations to spur innovation and accomplish strategic objectives. Together, we deliver an exceptional experience by putting people, rather than devices, at the center of our powerful, integrated solution. 

Citrix Desktop as a Service (DaaS) enables your employees to work from anywhere, while providing them with a modern Windows desktop; Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity tools; and access to all the SaaS, web, and virtual apps they use.

Our partnership with Microsoft also increases your flexibility, enabling you to deploy on Microsoft Azure to gain enterprise-class virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and DaaS capabilities. 

Empower your employees with streamlined teamwork Hybrid work is the new norm, requiring a rethink of teamwork and employee engagement. 

BFSI firms can use Citrix HDX technology to deliver the best user experience and session performance on any device or connection, as well as benefit from optimizations for Microsoft Teams. Citrix Content Collaboration and Microsoft OneDrive speed innovation cycles with single sign-on, secure data access, and digital workflows that simplify feedback and approvals. Deliver high-performance hybrid work experiences Hybrid workers require the same fast in the office application experience at other locations to stay productive and maintain customer satisfaction levels. 

Financial services organizations accomplish strategic IT objectives with Citrix and Microsoft

Beyond the user and customer experience, financial services firms want to drive core IT transformation faster, while reducing risks and threats. Cloud services enable IT to be more responsive to changing market trends, customer demands, and cyber threats. 

Scale faster to meet demand 

Moving to a hybrid cloud operating model enables your IT team to improve business continuity with hybrid work and use automated provisioning to speed M&A integrations and streamline geographic expansions. IT organizations can spin up new resources in Microsoft Azure, simplifying Windows 10/11 migration while gaining cost and efficiency advantages. Or they can tap Citrix Cloud and Azure to simplify management, increase elasticity, and host more sessions on individual instances. 

Create resilient user experiences

With global hybrid workforces and always-on digital operations, financial services firms need to move beyond just providing high availability of services to engaging with users. Citrix DaaS with Azure Virtual Desktop provides a centralized, integrated infrastructure and management hosted in Azure that creates true hybrid resiliency and business continuity.

Citrix DaaS empowers your employees to work the way they want to, regardless of device, location, or access method. Since tools are designed around their needs, users enjoy streamlined work processes, free from repetitive logins and credentialing or device restrictions. Citrix DaaS and Microsoft enable your firm to provide an exceptional work experience that you can use to recruit, develop, and retain staff, while also reducing staff burnout on the job. 

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