16 May

Operationalize hybrid work models

Citrix and Microsoft technology enable financial services companies to create flexible hybrid cloud infrastructures that support remote and in-person workforces, enable faster innovation, and create the agility and scalability they need to out-compete in the marketplace. IT teams can seamlessly manage virtualized resources side-by-side with hybrid cloud services. 

Citrix DaaS allows you to use your entitlements for Azure Virtual Desktop to deliver a secure digital workspace on any device, enabling more seamless growth. Citrix and Microsoft help you simplify Azure migrations and gain new capabilities while decreasing costs. 

Since business demand is always changing, IT can scale up or down to meet burst or seasonal growth with the sustained scale afforded by Citrix ADC. This ensures you can continue operating in any condition, while avoiding productivity issues due to latency or application glitches. 

With growth and innovation comes potential risk. Citrix and Microsoft unified endpoint management and mobile application management help IT keep endpoints under control, including personal devices. Zero trust policies continually verify access, rapidly identifying any anomalies. 

Citrix DaaS and Microsoft 365 help financial services organizations sustain intensity

When you deploy Citrix DaaS with Microsoft 365, you get the modern desktop, digital workflows, and trust you need to maximize worker engagement and productivity, unlocking new potential for your financial services organization. 

Our digital workspace solutions enable your users to do their very best work. And our platform brings the user experience, IT flexibility, and security together–all while removing the limits of geography, devices, networks, and even clouds to deliver a comprehensive, trusted DaaS solution. 

Citrix and Microsoft offer your financial services organization the opportunity to harness the scale, simplicity, and economics of cloud services. IT is empowered to do more with adaptive security, simple processes, and centralized visibility and control. Finally, Citrix DaaS allows you to capitalize on existing investments, enable new user scenarios, and transition additional workloads to Microsoft Azure, easily driving business growth while meeting your cost objectives.




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