09 May

Scale your hybrid cloud infrastructure with Citrix DaaS on Azure

It’s likely that your financial services organization was among the 46 percent of businesses that increased their investment in their hybrid cloud infrastructure to enable faster innovation and support remote work models during the pandemic.4 Microsoft and Citrix provide joint tools and services to simplify and speed the transition to Citrix DaaS on Azure, while leveraging Azure Virtual Desktop investments. Citrix enables you to manage all your cloud investments in one place and simplifies capacity planning and scaling.

 Your IT team can build the hybrid infrastructure that makes the best sense for your financial services organization with Citrix and Microsoft. You will be able to fully support Windows 11 multi-session desktops, available only as part of Azure Virtual Desktop, while managing your on-premises infrastructure. Using one view enables you to migrate apps to the hybrid cloud faster, as well as manage hybrid deployments more easily. In addition, Citrix IT admin tools for virtual and cloud apps provide rich capabilities, including image management, application layering, and advanced analytics.  

Manage security with a zero trust architecture

Ransomware attacks went up 30 percent in 2021, compared to the same timeframe in 2020. With their treasure trove of customer data, financial services firms are prime targets for these attacks. As a result, the average cost of a data breach in the financial sector reached $5.72 million in 2021.

Instead of blocking and tackling each threat, financial services organizations are increasingly adopting a zero trust model, which is based on the principle “never trust; always verify.” This includes explicitly and continuously validating identities, devices, and communication to immediately detect and prevent unauthorized access attempts, as well as enforcing least-privileged access principles. By so doing, IT can proactively reduce their organizations’ attack surface.

Citrix and Microsoft are trusted to help IT teams realize their goal of deploying a zero trust architecture and protecting personally identifiable information (PII) both at rest and in transit. Citrix Secure Private Access provides continuous and contextual access management, while Azure Active Directory (AD) maintains an up-to-date user and device inventory. Single sign-ons to SaaS and web apps protect the user experience, while contextual security policies and isolated browser sessions for untrusted apps and websites further enhance network security. 

Citrix Analytics for Security uses machine learning to identify suspicious behavior, enable automated responses, and give IT insights across user sessions, applications, content, and networking. Together with Microsoft Security Graph API, IT gets a unified threat intelligence view across their hybrid cloud environment.  

Streamline workflows to make hybrid work collaboration easier

BFSI staff, from the executive team, to traders, to line employees and contact center agents, are embracing hybrid work. These users want to seamlessly work across locations, devices, and sessions, maintaining consistent access to apps and data without any break in productivity.  

To ensure everyone receives a consistent, high-fidelity collaboration experience, the Citrix Optimization for Teams delivers the performance of a local installation with the security and management efficiency of a virtual app. Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) optimizes the entire experience with fast sign ins, application responses, and content downloads. Citrix Content Collaboration enables internal-external groups to securely access, sync, and share data and files from nearly any file repository including OneDrive on any device. At the device level, Citrix Endpoint Manager and Microsoft Unified Endpoint Management offers the widest range of app support and policies, triggering automated actions based on how, when, and where users access apps and data. People just work better when they can access everything that they need in one place.

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