30 Oct

 June 2023, Google launched a refreshed Android Enterprise Partner Program for trusted partners like Citrix. 

The Android Enterprise Partner program assists customers in identifying trusted partners that meet Android‘s high level of partner expertise, product excellence, and performance requirements.

Citrix is now a Silver partner in the Android Enterprise Partner Program.

"We are excited to welcome Citrix to the Android Enterprise partner program as a Silver partner.” said Ken Schutt, Director of Android Enterprise Partnerships“By becoming a Silver partner, Citrix has demonstrated their commitment for their customers, ensuring they receive top-tier customer service, support, and solutions to help them grow their business.” 

At Citrix, is committed to deliver the best-in-class enterprise solutions, like Citrix Endpoint Management. The Silver partner badge obtained is just the beginning. 

Citrix will continue to work closely with the Android Enterprise Partner Program team to raise the bar, continue to add value to the Android Enterprise program to our customers, and help them be successful in achieving their business goals.  

3 reasons to work with a validated Android Enterprise partner

 The new Android Enterprise Partner Program simplifies your search for trusted partners and solutions.

When Google set out to create our Android Enterprise Partner Program two years ago, Google had the customers in mind. 

Why? - Basically, the customer requested it. 

Clients needed a simpler way to find the solutions and partners that best suited their needs, so Google created a program to help.

It’s now easier to find partners that have not only successfully completed Android Enterprise sales and technical training but have also demonstrated their ability to deploy technical solutions and product features, provide quality customer service, and shown success in the marketplace. 

The Android Enterprise team has fully validated these partners and awarded them a Silver or Gold partner badge. 

Three reasons to only work with a validated partner:

1. Rely on a trusted partner.

When working with a validated partner, it guarantees that the partner that has met specific requirements across the program’s three competencies:

  • Partner expertise: Proficiency in sales and technical training, customer engagement and customer support
  • Product excellence: Implementation of Android Enterprise technical products and features
  • Performance: Demonstrated market success

Once the standard or advanced requirements across all competencies are met, the partner earns a Silver or Gold badge, respectively, which affords the client to work with a partner endorsed by the Android Enterprise team.

2. Buy with confidence.

Partners are not the only ones put to the test — their solutions are, too.

 Get peace of mind knowing that any Android Enterprise solution when purchasing from a Silver or Gold partner has also been validated by the Android Enterprise team. And with the Android Enterprise global network of partners, clients get the flexibility and freedom to find the right solution to meet their requirements. 

3. Get support for business growth.

Collaborating with a validated partner is an investment in future growth. 

When teaming up with a partner who has the proven ability to implement the right solution to meet the desired needs, the focus is on what’s important: achieving business goals. 

Each partner is required to have technical support for every Android Enterprise product offered, in addition with a Silver or Gold partner includes top-tier customer service, support and products. 

The launch of this program is a commitment to all customers that Android Enterprise will continually strive to provide the best solutions to meet their business needs.

Finally, OAS is a Citrix Platinum partner and is in an ideal position to offer clients the benefits of the Android Enterprise program.

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