28 Jul

Data fuels workforce productivity. But corporate data typically resides in disparate silos spread across on-premises networks and cloud repositories. Workers are forced to repeatedly disrupt daily workflows to gather information from this data sprawl — a time-consuming and inefficient activity that diminishes productivity. They need a single point of access to all data sources, available from any device, where they can share and manipulate the content resources required to do their jobs. With ShareFile, users can connect to data anywhere, on any device, without costly migration.

Connecting to, and Protecting Data

ShareFile helps IT regain control over how corporate data is stored, accessed, synced, and shared, both in the office and in mobile environments. As a content collaboration platform that focuses on security, productivity, and infrastructure modernization, ShareFile gives IT the data security and control they need while delivering on the mobility needs of users. 

Many traditional synchronization tools are geared more for traditional desktops. ShareFile’s drive mapper functionality in Citrix Files for Windows app can help to save on storage costs across a VDI infrastructure. The tool will only cache content as its accessed. The Citrix Files app allows users to connect an account as a mapped drive on the Windows file system, without performing a full sync of account content. Only a small cache of data is maintained on the local hard drive, significantly reducing the local storage footprint. The Citrix Files app supports access to network shares, most ECM systems, and Personal Cloud Connectors. The tool can be centrally managed via Active Directory group policy, as well.

For more information, see Citrix Connectors documentation.

With ShareFile’s drive mapper capabilities, content, including access to network shares and other cloud repositories appear as a mapped Windows drive and users stay productive in the native Windows experience. 

Citrix Files for Windows Benefits for IT

  • Virtualization Support: IT can use the same file sync-and-share solution across both physical and virtual endpoints, and across on-premises and cloud storage. And because content access from the Citrix Files app is stored as a cache on a user’s virtual desktop, it reduces unnecessary network traffic in the data center.
  • Storage Flexibility: Store files on premises, in public clouds, in private clouds, or in any combination. The same file sync-and-share solution experience is used across both physical and virtual endpoints.
  • Reduced Storage Costs: Files can be stored in multiple locations without the need for duplication on devices or storage zones.

Citrix Files for Windows Benefits for Users

  • Anywhere, Any Device Access: Connect a ShareFile account as a mapped drive on the Windows file system, without performing a full sync of account content.
  • Flexibility: Provide a single point of access to multiple data repositories, including network shares and personal cloud repositories.
  • Faster Virtual Connections: Because the Citrix Files app does not sync files into the virtual desktop, files are fetched from their respective source only when a user opens that file, and the virtual desktop integration is more efficient.

Optimized for the Unique Requirements of Virtual Environments

Hundreds of thousands of organizations worldwide use Citrix DaaS to provide an exceptional hybrid work experience. By using ShareFile’s Citrix Files app and StorageZone Connectors, ShareFile gives users the ultimate flexibility, providing a single point of access to multiple data repositories, including network shares and personal cloud repositories.

Bottom line? 

ShareFile is the only file sync-and-share solution optimized for your virtual desktops. Organizations can leverage existing investments and mobilize network shares, Personal Cloud repositories, or any other ECM System while optimizing load times for streamlined used in a VDI.

How does ShareFile compare with other File Sharing solutions?

ShareFile was the first in the industry to offer choice in where your data is stored — whether on premises or in the cloud. ShareFile helps ease the transition to new data/infrastructure, as well as manage costs and maintenance as new systems are deployed or old systems are retired.

Most file sync-and-share solutions are not designed for the unique storage and performance requirements of hosted environments and support a limited range of endpoints. ShareFile’s drive mapper supports Citrix, Microsoft, and VMWare environments, allowing simple, quick setup and a consolidated view of storage resources.

Users can download the application within the Apps tab of their ShareFile account, or administrators can access the Citrix.com downloads page. Admins also have the option to configure and push this to their users for faster, more controlled rollout and support. 

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