21 Jun

The Citrix platform provides financial service institutions with the capability to grant employees and customers instant, secure access to applications and data. It allows banks, brokerages, investment firms, and insurance companies to effortlessly distribute workloads on any device, over any network, and from any hosted environment.

Deliver specialized financial services desktops

Traders, developers, quantitative analysts, and data scientists all rely on their tools to perform efficiently. Citrix provides virtual applications and desktops tailored to meet the unique needs of every user. Designed to integrate flawlessly with Bloomberg terminals, trading platforms, and development tools, Citrix solutions offer the flexibility needed to enhance the desktop experience for all employees.

Improve cost control

Citrix facilitates the reduction of operational, management, and maintenance expenses, while also increasing resource utilization flexibility. The Citrix platform provides features that enable organizations to track their cost savings in real-time. For example, Citrix's application and desktop virtualization solutions include an Autoscale feature, which effectively regulates the power usage of machines. These capabilities allow IT teams to oversee Citrix, Azure, and additional resources with greater ease through a unified integrated console.

Protect financial data from threats

Citrix solutions are designed to mitigate the types of security vulnerabilities that attackers frequently target. They offer zero trust network access to financial applications on any device, irrespective of deployment methods. Citrix also provides centralized security controls, including detailed policy-setting, which allows for more precise management of application policies and network security, safeguarding web applications against various threats.

Enable branches and remote offices

Through mergers, acquisitions, expansions, and seasonal growth, your Citrix environment can effortlessly scale alongside your organization. From customer service agents to top executives, individuals can access applications, desktops, and data pertinent to their roles from any device with simplicity. The Citrix platform facilitates centralized management of your entire enterprise, including web and mobile operations, call centers, and remote and branch offices.

Ensure regulatory compliance

The Citrix platform centralizes business-critical applications and data in your chosen data center or cloud, rather than on endpoint devices. This enables authorized personnel to securely access necessary information, ensuring compliance with industry and government regulations. Data is encrypted, whether in transit or at rest. Features include the ability to containerize and remotely wipe data on mobile devices, restrict sharing and copying of data, and isolate sensitive data in highly controlled restricted areas. Citrix significantly minimizes your organization's audit scope and streamlines the eDiscovery process.

Boost customer service

Enhancing customer experience begins by equipping customer service agents with the necessary data to assist customers. The Citrix platform rapidly and securely provides this data to contractors, in-house customer service staff, and temporary workers, boosting productivity and customer contentment. The Citrix platform enables brokers, tellers, advisors, insurance agents, and call center operators to work from any location, on any device, and nearly any operating system. NetScaler, a component of the Citrix platform, ensures a high-quality, high-definition user experience, even across high-latency networks that pose a challenge.

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