20 Jul

Industry and market distributions are affecting when, where, and how employees work, stressing business operations. Despite these pressures, organizations can keep user experience and enterprise security rock-solid in any condition. 

With Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (formerly Microsoft Intune), IT can enable remote workers, secure devices, and deliver all the apps employees need to do their jobs, including seamless integration of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. Enterprises are adopting Citrix Workspace, Microsoft 365, and Azure to drive collaboration, productivity, and innovation. 

Together, Citrix and Microsoft deliver a multi-platform modern desktop that’s equipped with intelligence and provides real-time insights, to maximize the collaboration, productivity, and engagement of employees. Scale it swiftly to support remote workforce growth, maintaining momentum in the marketplace. 

To manage and secure these apps across the diverse number of endpoints, enterprises have a choice of unified endpoint management (UEM) solutions to consider. However, most UEM solutions lack Microsoft 365 Office app integration capabilities and the depth of compliance and security policies from Citrix. 

Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides endpoint policies for devices using Microsoft apps, including Office. If the need to manage and secure non-Microsoft apps, Citrix Endpoint Management offers the widest range of app support and policies, which trigger automated actions based on how, when, and where users access apps and data. Together, the Citrix and Microsoft tools create a unified experience for all the company’s technology, including Citrix Workspace, Microsoft tools, and other apps. 

Why enterprises need Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Citrix Endpoint Management to achieve greater benefits for the entire company. 

  • Empower your users with ease of access and all the apps they need to collaborate and work productively.
  • By adding Citrix Endpoint Management to the Microsoft UEM platform, employees can use a single sign-on to access all their apps and get better-than-native features with Citrix Secure Mail, increasing their productivity.
  • In addition, by adding Microsoft or third-party apps from a unified app store, making it nearly effortless to get the resources needed for digital work.
  • Spark employee productivity and engagement with a complete, secure workspace 50 percent of all organizations say at least 81 percent of their workforce is working remotely.
  • Employees use 35 apps a day and 90 apps per month, on average.
  • Remote workers Apps - Four ways Citrix and Microsoft endpoint management protects the enterprise’s Citrix Workspace and Microsoft.

 A Deliver a scalable modern desktop experience Citrix and Microsoft secure the world of remote work (61 percent need to manage and secure 1,000 or more endpoints). 

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Citrix Endpoint Management, together Managing users, endpoints, and data management is easier than ever with Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Combining the two technologies they provide the optimal mix of security, policy compliance, and management solutions to protect any business in a world of exponential data growth and mobile remote work. In addition, the deep insights provided by Citrix Analytics enable the security to proactively mitigate threats as they arise. 

Citrix Endpoint Management recognized as industry leader for UEM by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

Reasons to deploy unified endpoint management (UEM) from Citrix and Microsoft: 

  • Increase visibility and control over all the apps, devices, and connections under management, including Office 365 and Teams.
  • Citrix Endpoint Management provides IT with a single pane of glass to manage and integrate all apps, policies, and security.
  • With 200+ mobile device management (MDM) and 70+ mobile app management (MAM) policies supported by Citrix, IT can automate compliance in a streamlined manner, creating consistency.
  • Single sign-on, virtualized workspaces, Secure Mail, and scalable endpoint management with Citrix and Microsoft all translate to strong data protections and enterprise security.
  • Simplify and standardize endpoint management for the IT team the business is creating the future of work, and technology is developing and innovating the platform to support it.
  • With seamlessly integrated Citrix and Microsoft endpoint management, the business can secure and deploy any and every app it needs, while also supporting bring your own device (BYOD) programs.
  • Mobile containers prevent data cross-contamination, enabling workers to use both business and personal apps on their devices.
  • The business also gains increased flexibility, with the ability to use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Edge browser to support basic user deployments and policies and Secure Mail and Secure Web for deployments that require more advanced policies.
  • Increase IT flexibility to support app and device growth within cloud-enabled, digital workspace Digital risks and threats are growing, making it imperative for information security team to authenticate all users and web instances.
  • The IT team can choose the identity provider, like Azure Active Directory (AAD) to achieve enhanced zero trust, by verifying user identity, device location and status, and application white- and blacklisting before enabling access.
  • Together, Citrix and Microsoft endpoint management provide AES-encrypted micro-VPN support for Microsoft Edge and Citrix Secure Mail to increase security for data in transit and BYOD use. Empower information security to protect the enterprise against advanced threats.
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