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OAS is CITRIX DaaS Certified

Employee empowerment and training is always a primary OAS value, and we continue to certify our staff members in the relevant technologies that keep us at the forefront of our industry. 

We would like to point out that OAS has a dynamic staff compliment, ranging from Junior, and Advanced to high level Citrix resources, dedicated to our valued customer environments. 

Open Architecture Systems offer a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers to comply with our customer’s needs and requirements. As a service driven company, it is important that your Citrix partner have the capacity to offer a full-service support to meet client satisfaction.

IT Infrastructure Analytics 

Analytics is defined as the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns for effective decision making.  

However, infrastructure analytics primary focus is on Security, Infrastructure Performance and User Experience/ Behaviour. 

The number of informational events organizations generate, particularly from IOT and Cloud computing, can prove challenging for infrastructure management and to convert them into actionable insights. This could have a major impact on architecture effectiveness, security efficiencies and can highly impact user experience. 

The idea behind deploying analytics is to offer administrators a comprehensive, real - time visibility into complex architectures. Analytical solutions are designed to anticipate resource consumptions, potential internal or external threats and infrastructure resilience using machine learning, automation, and self-learning algorithms. 

These components can analyze the correlations of millions of instances in real time, giving the ability for potential fail overs or disruptions to be anticipated and allow for preventative measures to be implemented before the event occurs. 

OAS cannot stress the importance of Infrastructure analytics. Experience has shown that most disputations are caused by incompatible software, user error and architectural maintenance, which could have been prevented had administrators been given the correct visibility and implemented preventative measures. However, in saying that not all solutions offer the necessary requirements. 

To choose the correct solution, the following factors need to be taken into consideration: 

  • A unified IT infrastructure monitoring system: The solution must offer a single monitoring tool which can track all the components of an enterprise’s IT Infrastructure.
  • Real time and multi-platform alerts: To prevent or even pre-empt a threat, technicians need to be able to receive real time alerts across multiple channels.
  • Multi – vendor support: IT Infrastructures are generally made up of a variety of solutions and vendors. Therefore, the monitoring tools need to support multi – vendor endpoints.
  • Centralized and customizable visibility: The solution must have a centralized and tailored tool to suit the requirements of the infrastructure. The system needs to be able to monitor all the components of the architecture and allow for the customization of the dashboard to allow for the reporting to be highly visible and accessible.
  • Automation: Routine and L1 / L2 tasks must be automated to free up time for the IT department to be able to monitor mission critical components, resulting in greater efficiencies.

Citrix Solutions offers one of the best analytics tools for infrastructure performance, security, and usage, designed specifically for Citrix infrastructure. 

Please note that to get in depth insights into user behaviour and application delivery across multi-Hybrid environments Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) tool could be a necessary add on.

 “To help deliver the best application experience and availability for both monolithic and microservices-based applications, Citrix ADM provides one holistic view with the ability to drill down on specific details for easier troubleshooting, faster resolution, and actionable insights. ”Citrix ADM  

With the increase in the number of cyber-attacks and users being more distributed, Citrix Solutions includes all the necessary components to report issues, detect problems early and start addressing them right away. 

Rather than hunting down potential vulnerabilities, enterprises can create policies to have actions applied automatically when suspicious activities occur on individual accounts. With continuous risk assessment and real-time notifications, organizations will always have the exact insights needed to keep assets and users secure—and to ensure apps run at peak performance. 

For more information about Citrix Analytics click here or contact Desiree Gaddie: Desiree.Gaddie@oas.co.za

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Open Architecture Systems – Citrix Infrastructure Health Check / Audit Services.  

If the companies’ infrastructure is older than 18 months to 2 years or the IT Department has seen an increase in the number of disruptions been reported and /or user logon is sluggish, it may mean that a health check needs to be done. 

The purpose of an infrastructure audit is to look for software, versioning, patching requirements, incompatible products within the infrastructure and possible recommendations for upgrades and improvements. 

Other benefits are licensing optimization, storage wastage and control, bandwidth, and duplication. 

For more information or request a call back – click here.  

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