09 Mar

To survive, recover and grow in today’s changing business environment and to meet the demands of the Experience Economy, organizations need to reinvent their digital strategies.

Migration to the Cloud, Collaborative Workspace Management, Employee Experience satisfaction, 24/7 accessibility and the need for high levels of security are just some of the challengers companies are dealing with to maintain business operations.

 However, the problem with the above statement is – do organizations have the necessary skills and expertise to develop a Cloud based networking strategy, implement the required products and services, onboarding, and maintenance of an extremely complex and highly technical operation?

Unfortunately, in South Africa the required skills and expertise needed are severely lacking therefore it is necessary for organizations to employ the services of a Specialist provider which highlights the importance of entering a partnership with a specialized partner via a well-documented MLA. 

Managed Service Agreements go beyond a standard Service Level Agreements and are carefully designed to ensure an optimized IT Environment, reducing incident resolution time, ultimately reduce Networking costs. 

  • Scheduled network health reviews to include - Report backs and discuss any performance issues.
  • Proactive onsite or remote performance monitoring.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Dedicated Project Manager.
  • Dedicated Technical Services Representative.
  • Monthly / quarterly meetings to review customized reports, overall network health, and strategic IT planning.
  • Call logging, escalation and follow through with Citrix Systems.
  • Monthly meetings and reporting.
  • Best Practice procedures as outlined by Citrix Systems.
  • New developments and future trends.

The above list highlights a few of the value-added benefits offered by an OAS MSA which are tailored to suite each client’s unique IT environment. 

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