31 May

One platform for modern application delivery across the enterprise

Citrix recently unveiled new subscription plans aimed at assisting enterprises in consolidating their application delivery infrastructure via the new Citrix platform. The platform encompasses all NetScaler capabilities, and the fresh subscription choices will economically facilitate the expansion of NetScaler application delivery and security across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments on an enterprise scale, thereby diminishing expenditure and operational complexity by obviating the necessity for point solutions.

NetScaler now comes included in your Citrix subscription

NetScaler pioneered the industry with application delivery controllers (ADCs) that support the migration of throughput capacity across different environments, from on-premises to cloud or from physical to virtualized ADC instances. This innovation offers unparalleled flexibility to reallocate purchased NetScaler ADCs as required. Advancing further, NetScaler is now included in Citrix subscriptions, allowing the use of NetScaler for Citrix deployments under a single subscription and extending its use enterprise-wide for all application delivery and security requirements.

For its enterprise customers, Citrix is introducing two new subscription plans:

  • Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud License
  • Citrix Platform License 

NetScaler software will be included in both subscription plans and will include all premium features and capabilities on all of the NetScaler physical, virtual, and containerized form factors.

NetScaler software instances and throughput capacity

Both subscription plans include unlimited instances of any NetScaler form factor type:

  • NetScaler MPX is an ADC for hardware-based single-tenant application deployments that  provides L4-L7 traffic management, comes with an integrated WAF, performs SSL offloading, and is FIPS compliant.
  • NetScaler SDX is an ADC for hardware-based multi-tenant application deployments that provides full resource isolation for each ADC instance, including SSL, bandwidth, and compression. It is FIPS compliant.
  • NetScaler VPX is a virtual ADC that provides capabilities typically offered only on specialized, high-end network devices. Deploy NetScaler VPX on your preferred hypervisor and achieve high SSL performance with no hardware acceleration.
  • NetScaler CPX is a container-based ADC that provides load balancing and traffic management for your containerized applications. You can deploy one or more NetScaler CPXs as standalone instances on a Docker host.
  • NetScaler BLX for bare metal runs as a Linux process on your hardware of choice. Because NetScaler BLX is a lightweight software package with no hypervisor or container overhead, you get extraordinarily fast performance. And there’s no additional cost for hypervisor software. 

Throughput capacity is how to unlock the processing power of a NetScaler instance:

  • The Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud License includes 1,000 Gbps of throughput capacity - enough to meet the needs of most small- to medium-size enterprises
  • The Citrix Platform License provides unlimited throughput capacity to satisfy the requirements of the largest global enterprises

NetScaler hardware

NetScaler offers the option to purchase NetScaler hardware appliances separately from the NetScaler software, allowing for the synchronization of hardware acquisition with the project requirements and schedules. NetScaler hardware appliances are offered at competitive prices and include a lifetime standard RMA (hardware support).

NetScaler delivers unrivaled value among enterprise ADCs

NetScaler stands as a robust application delivery and security solution, designed to expedite the delivery of modern applications and alleviate the strain on overtaxed networking and IT infrastructure teams. Building upon years of innovation in software-based architecture, the goal is to ensure ADC feature parity across various environments. This simplifies application delivery and secures the industry's top ADC performance.

  • The NetScaler Console is a management plane that offers the convenience of a unified platform to orchestrate, monitor, and analyze various application types and deployment architectures.
  • A single code base with a standardized set of APIs enables the provisioning and management of various form factors, offering operational uniformity throughout the lifecycle of your ADC infrastructure and maintaining a consistent security stance.
  • NetScaler's exclusive one-pass architecture processes security and other ADC functions in a single pass, reducing latency and ensuring ultra-fast application performance.

New NetScaler innovations for modern application delivery 

Enterprises are modernizing their applications to support business growth, requiring a streamlined approach to manage application delivery and security across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Whether modernizing traditional applications or adopting microservices for new deployments, the goal is to deliver enhanced value to customers swiftly without sacrificing security. NetScaler's latest innovations aim to accelerate product and service delivery to the market. Some innovations are forthcoming, while others are available now:

  • Hardened security for faster deployment: NetScaler comes with enterprise-grade security that just works — including an advanced web application firewall (WAF) and API protection — saving time and eliminating the uncertainty of using untested and unsupported open source solutions.
  • Containerized ADC for faster and more secure application performance: NetScaler offers a fully automated proxy and ingress controller for Kubernetes environments at no additional cost. NetScaler CPX runs as a container within a Kubernetes cluster and converts any microservices-based application’s ingress definitions into NetScaler ADC configurations. This includes CPX Express, a free, developer-centric NetScaler ADC for Kubernetes that has full feature parity with our enterprise version and is supported through the NetScaler Community.
  • Application-centric API for faster ADC configuration: You don’t need to be a networking expert to use NetScaler because our latest declarative API enhancement automates the configuration of NetScaler ADCs, allowing the on-IT priorities.   
  • NetScaler enhances end-to-end observability for expedited troubleshooting. It transcends basic monitoring by not only notifying you of an issue but also pinpointing whether the problem lies with the client, server, or the internet connection in between, enabling quicker resolution. The NetScaler Console offers sample dashboards for well-known observability platforms like Splunk and Grafana, allowing you to disseminate comprehensive application and security insights among your application and security teams.

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