10 Jul

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Handbook has returned, offering Citrix's comprehensive best practices and guidance. Compiled by a diverse group of experts from Technical Marketing to Professional Services and Product Management, the handbook provides solutions for virtualization and access issues that are both technically robust and practical for organizations grappling with tight deadlines and various challenges.

Citrix has effectively utilized the methodologies, experiences, and best practices outlined in this handbook across numerous desktop virtualization projects within its Professional Services organization. Those who have followed Citrix for some time might recognize the VDI Handbook from previous LTSRs.

Significant updates have been made since the previous edition of the handbook, and with the release of the 2402 LTSR earlier this year, a comprehensive update was necessary. Explore the latest enhancements in the VDI Handbook for a detailed understanding of the new features.

VDI Handbook - latest enchantments

One of the significant updates to the VDI Handbook includes the addition of Citrix DaaS content. The new licensing models now allow customers to utilize Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops alongside Citrix DaaS according to their needs. This integration aims to provide comprehensive guidance on best practices throughout the virtualization ecosystem.

Since the release of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7.6, the solution has evolved significantly. Collaborating with Product Management and the Citrix's Solution Architect team, they have refined their guidance and recommendations to reflect the wealth of experience and product advancements accumulated over the years in supporting customer deployments.

Over the past decade, Citrix technology has evolved significantly. The surge in public cloud deployments reflects customers' desire to leverage the cloud's scalability and flexibility. The VDI Handbook has been revised to include considerations for public cloud in Citrix environments.

Navigating the VDI Handbook

The VDI Handbook can be accessed on Citrix Tech Zone, where the web version is organized into three main sections: Assess, Design, and Monitor.

Web navigation for the VDI Handbook

Each section allows for easy access the desired topic by choosing the corresponding link from the table of contents on the left.

Section design for the VDI Handbook

The VDI Handbook can be accessed as a complete PDF and is available on the Citrix Tech Zone.

The VDI Handbook is a dynamic document; updates will be applied to both the web and PDF versions as necessary. To view the revision history for any changes, click the 'Revisions' link located at the top of any VDI Handbook web page or refer to the 'Revision History' table at the end of the PDF document.

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