27 May

From the desk of Desiree Gaddie - Sales Manager - Open Architecture Systems

Introduction to proposing the correct Citrix Solutions 
Desiree Gaddie - OAS sales manager - with over twenty-three years of experience in selling Citrix Solutions, provides insights into the best practices for selling Citrix Solutions. 

Desiree comments that "albeit Citrix Systems is a powerhouse in the field of digital workspace technologies, providing solutions that facilitate remote work, application delivery, and secure access to IT services. Selling Citrix products effectively requires a deep understanding of the technology, keen awareness of the client’s needs, and strategic positioning." 

Desiree's suggestions aim to equip sales professionals with practical tips and strategies for excelling in the sale of Citrix solutions and to serve as a guide for potential customers in making informed decisions.

 1. Understand the Citrix Product Suite 

Before you can effectively sell Citrix solutions, you need a thorough understanding of the products and services offered by Citrix. 

Gaddie highlights the importance of not selling technology solely for its own sake, "as it can be more detrimental than beneficial to an organization. Companies should be aware of this when seeking a solution for their organization." 

The main categories include: 

  • Citrix Workspace—provides a seamless and secure user experience by integrating access to apps and data across all devices. 
  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops—offers virtualization solutions that give users access to desktops and applications from any location.
  • Citrix ADC (NetScaler) - optimizes application performance and security, enhancing user experience and providing comprehensive network analytics. 
  • Citrix Secure Internet Access - delivers a cloud-delivered security solution protecting users, applications, and data from global security threats.

2. Identify the Customer's Needs 

Each business has unique challenges and requirements. Understand what specific problems your customer is facing that Citrix solutions can solve. 

Desiree suggests answering following questions: Are they looking to enable remote work?  Do they need better security for their digital assets?  Or perhaps, they are looking to streamline their IT infrastructure?"

"Knowing this will help tailor a pitch and demonstrate the direct benefits of Citrix solutions to the customer's specific circumstances and ultimately assist the client in making the correct decision" Gaddie concludes. 

3. Explain the Value, Not Just the Technology

Focus on the business benefits of Citrix products—not just their features. Explain how Citrix solutions can increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance security, and provide a better user experience. Use case studies and real-world examples to illustrate how other businesses have benefited from their implementation of Citrix technologies. 

4. Be Consultative, Not Salesy 

Adopt a consultative approach in your interactions. Help potential customers understand the broader technological landscape and where Citrix fits into it. Discuss industry trends, such as the increase in remote work and the growth of cloud computing, and how Citrix solutions are well-suited to help businesses adapt to these trends. 

5. Utilize Demonstrations and Trials 

Whenever possible, provide demonstrations of how Citrix solutions work. If feasible, arrange for a POC where the client can see the benefits of the solution firsthand in their own environment. This direct interaction with the technology can help overcome objections and dispel uncertainties more effectively than a presentation. 

6. Build and Leverage Relationships 

Building relationships with IT decision-makers, C-suite executives, and other stakeholders is crucial. These relationships can provide insights into the business’s challenges and priorities, opening opportunities for proposing Citrix solutions as viable options. Networking within the industry can also lead to referrals and partnerships that may enhance your sales prospects. 

7. Keep Up with Citrix Developments 

Citrix is continuously evolving and expanding its product offerings. Stay updated with the latest Citrix developments, new features, updates, and enhancements. This ongoing learning can help you provide the most current and relevant solutions to your customers. 

8. Address Concerns and Objections 

Be prepared to address common concerns and objections related to Citrix solutions, such as cost, complexity of implementation, or security. Be knowledgeable about how Citrix solutions address these concerns and have data or case studies at hand to back up your points. 

9. Follow Up and Foster Post-Sale Relationships 

Selling the solution is just the beginning. Following up with customers after a sale ensures they are satisfied and helps identify further opportunities for upselling or future sales. Regular check-ins can also provide feedback necessary for enhancing service delivery and customer satisfaction. 

10. Leverage Training and Certification 

Take advantage of Citrix training and certification programs to not only improve your own skills but also to build credibility with your clients. Being certified in Citrix solutions can provide you with a competitive advantage, showcasing your expertise and commitment to providing high-quality solutions. 


Successfully selling Citrix solutions requires more than just understanding the technology; " Desiree concludes and continues "it involves a holistic approach that includes understanding client needs, industry trends, and building lasting relationships."  

By following these tips, it will enhance selling strategies and better serve clients. Understanding and effectively communicating the value brought by Citrix solutions will position you as a trusted advisor in the digital workspace technology arena.

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