11 Jul

The accounting sector is in a state of constant change, and ShareFile is dedicated to assisting firms and professionals in enhancing the client experience. 

Understanding the difficulty of meeting growing client expectations amidst numerous obstacles that impede essential work for accountants is something we recognize. 

According to a ShareFile survey, 56% of accounting firms identify time-intensive, manual administrative tasks as a primary challenge. Additionally, nearly half of CPAs indicated that managing client expectations or firm capacity posed the greatest challenges in 2023. 

Here's where ShareFile steps in: 

Tailored for accounting professionals, ShareFile revolutionizes how accountants handle their workload, enabling them to provide exceptional client experiences.

ShareFile introduces new features designed to tackle manual tasks and common inefficiencies, enhancing the client experience as expected.

These new ShareFile capabilities offer:  

  • Tailored tools to drive efficiency 
  • Frictionless and seamless client engagements
  • User-friendly security that protects data and clients

Tailored tools to drive efficiency 

Firms can enhance efficiency in accounting processes with ready-to-use technology in ShareFile. The belief is that if a process can be repeated, it can be automated. Essential functionalities that aid in improving efficiency within a firm include:

Solutions (beta): ShareFile specially designed solutions aim to streamline every interaction from start to finish. ShareFile solutions are custom-built to enable smooth end-to-end use cases for fundamental accounting processes. 

Templates: Streamline routine tasks with templates tailored to expedite engagements and PBC lists. 

Opt for ready-made templates from the ShareFile collection or craft personalized ones to the necessary requirements.

Document automation: Reduce manual data entry across various platforms by utilizing automation that automatically populates agreements with data from essential CRM systems like Salesforce.

Key technology integrations: Eliminate the hassle of app switching by automatically directing client documents into accounting software through integrations with QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero.

Optimize client engagements

ShareFile is designed for optimal client satisfaction, offering an intuitive client portal for centralized and secure collaboration during engagements. The latest release includes:

Client portal enhancements: ShareFile streamlines the process for clients to view tasks in their portal, enabling them to quickly submit documents for a Provided by Client (PBC) list or complete digital information requests.

ShareFile creates a balance between securing Data and client engagements

Effective security should facilitate, not hinder, effective workflow. Overly complicated security measures may tempt staff to bypass proper data handling protocols, inadvertently increasing the risk of security threats. 

ShareFile's extensive expertise in security and the industry has overcome obstacles to provide top-tier security solutions without added complexity. Essential functionalities designed to enhance the overall security posture include:

AI share recommender

AI-powered recommendations for share link settings automatically direct staff towards secure protocols, aiding in the reduction of firm-wide vulnerabilities associated with file sharing.

Automated threat remediation

Minimize the company's cybersecurity risk through proactive threat detection and automated remediation to avert data breaches effectively.


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