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Businesses dedicate significant resources to safeguard and distribute enterprise applications, data, and network access. The current landscape involves multiple solutions for web, SaaS, and Windows, relying on various infrastructure and devices, leading to added intricacies in internal and external access. This complexity results in fragmented and expensive operations for enterprise IT environments. 

Introducing the Citrix Platform

To streamline this process, Citrix have developed a unified platform that offers zero-trust access, top-notch app and desktop virtualization, and efficient application delivery coupled with robust security measures.

The Citrix platform enables enterprises to securely deliver, monitor, and manage application access for any user on any device, guaranteeing top performance and security. This comprehensive solution integrates Citrix and NetScaler functionalities across the entire Citrix environment for the enterprise.

In the past, navigating through various editions and add-ons was necessary to access features like WEM, PVS, or ServiceNow Integration. Additionally, selecting from different NetScaler features and capacities posed a challenge. Now, Citrix has simplified everything by offering two platform-based options that encompass all Citrix enterprise capabilities, including DaaS, VDI, and advanced NetScaler features for application delivery and security.  

Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud: Improved Performance

Previously, Citrix introduced the Citrix Universal subscription with permanent hybrid-rights, elevating it further with the latest version, which includes an extensive NetScaler offering high throughput capacity for enterprises. Moreover, Citrix Endpoint Management has been integrated to enhance End-User Computing (EUC) capabilities. This new subscription, named Citrix Universal Hybrid-Multi Cloud, combines Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium, Citrix DaaS Premium, 1000 GB of NetScaler throughput with unlimited instances, and Citrix Endpoint Management. All essential application delivery needs, whether VDI, ADC, or both, are now bundled in a single comprehensive package. 

With the new Citrix Universal Hybrid Multi-Cloud, the solution now has the ability to replace any VMware Horizon deployment in the setup. This shift is appealing to many, especially in light of the uncertain future following the acquisition. Furthermore, if included are web applications accessible on the internet through F5 or similar services, this solution can streamline operations and reduce costs and complexities.

Citrix Platform License Advantages

Citrix are introducing their latest license, the Citrix Platform License (currently available by invitation only). Tailored for enterprises where Citrix plays a crucial role in business and IT operations, this license enables the expansion of services across the entire enterprise, regardless of the use of virtual, SaaS, web, or local applications. It encompasses ZTNA, web browser security, advanced observability insights, and more. Additionally, this license offers unlimited capacity for Citrix users and NetScaler throughput. It stands as Citrix's most comprehensive and adaptable license yet, crafted to establish strong partnerships with strategic customers.

The Citrix Platform License not only encompasses all of Citrix's current capabilities but also includes future innovations and acquisitions by Citrix, for example Citrix has recently acquired uberAgent and the team at vast limits GmbH. This acquisition enhances Citrix's observability capabilities by providing additional data from physical and virtual endpoints and seamless integration with third-party solutions like Splunk. This valuable addition to the platform has already been successfully deployed in large-scale environments with over 250,000 users in a single setting and more than 1.5 million users globally!  

The Citrix Platform License offers more than just the new uberAgent. 

It also includes:
  • App and Desktop Virtualization: Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Premium and Citrix DaaS Premium for a top-notch enterprise app and desktop delivery platform that secures and simplifies hybrid deployments.
  • Application Delivery and Security: NetScaler ensures high-performance application delivery with comprehensive security and end-to-end observability.
  • Monitoring and Insights: Citrix Analytics for Performance & Security provides streamlined monitoring and troubleshooting across complex and hybrid Citrix environments. uberAgent enhances and expands these functionalities.
  • Secure Access: Secure Private Access and Citrix Endpoint Management enhance productivity by offering a unified portal for all virtual and non-virtual apps.

The Citrix Platform License gives access to all these features but also benefit from unlimited capacity. This makes it easier to transition from VMware Horizon and F5 without the need for additional licenses. Additionally, Secure Private Access allows enhanced security by replacing VPNs with a ZTNA solution at no extra cost. 

Investing in Your Success

Citrix's commitment to providing the most advanced technologies is only valuable if it can be effectively implemented and operate them. To support the success, Citrix is enhancing their support, offering expert guidance, and providing educational resources to their strategic customers at no extra cost.

Citrix Unified Services, gives access to the team of experts, including enterprise architects and consultants, to help maximize the benefits of the Citrix platform.


When will the new licensing become available? 

The new subscriptions became available on March 4, 2024. Contact OAS to determine which is right for the organization.

Am I eligible for the Citrix Platform License or the Universal Hybrid-Multi Cloud License?

Citrix Universal Hybrid-Multi Cloud subscription licenses are available for environments in quantities of 250 users and up. However, the Citrix Platform License is available by invitation only. 

Please talk to us at OAS more information.

.Can I buy Citrix Analytics, uberAgent, and Citrix Secure Private Access (SPA) as standalone products?

Citrix Analytics and SPA went end of sale (EOS) as standalone offerings on December 6, 2023, and can be renewed until December 2024. uberAgent maintenance renewal is available to current customers only. These capabilities are now built into the Citrix platform. If interested in learning more about these capabilities and want to try them, contact us at OAS to inquire about the Kickstart program. 



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